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Personal entrepreneurship for lawyers

Anno 2015 only expertise is for lawyers not enough anymore. In legal services of today's information society competition is intensified and clients are more assertive and demanding. By working on personal entrepreneurship lawyers and attorneys can take the quality of their services to the next level and distinguish their self.

In addition to legal expertise, there are other modern skills needed to serve your clients well and be effective in your work. According to Cheryl de Meza, lawyer, and Irene van Halewijn, coach, trainer and lawyer, you can develop these skills by working on personal entrepreneurship. Therefore, they are organizing a unique triptych "Personal entrepreneurship for lawyers" that starts in February 2015. With their years of corporate legal experience, they know exactly how it's going on in the legal field.

The legal services is seen as a traditional service," says De Meza. "I am sometimes asked why lawyers and attorneys are so few entrepreneurial in their approach. I think it is important for any lawyer to make personal entrepreneurship visible. You're then a better sparring partner for your client. As an independent lawyer, I'm very excited about entrepreneurship. Hence in addition to my regular legal work in my company De Meza Legal I also deploy initiatives in the field of entrepreneurship and have entered into a cooperation with Irene van Halewijn of The Bloomstudio, a training and coaching office for legal professionals.

The triptych personal entrepreneurship is contemporary, interactive and appealing and is intended not only for independent lawyers and attorneys but also for employed lawyers. In three sessions the participants will get acquainted with personal entrepreneurship and get tools to practice with it right away. From their own context, ambitions, abilities and interests each participant makes a personal action plan that helps to be more effective and successful in the workplace. In each session an expert will tell about the benefits of an entrepreneurial attitude and about aspects of sales and relationship management, marketing and communication or personal branding. Obviously, these specialists are all experienced entrepreneurs.

Questions to be addressed in the triptych are e.g.:

• What role do you fulfill in the relation with your client?
• Do you know his needs and what do you do with that information?
• How do you make sure the client is satisfied and remains so?
• What is your ambition, what do you want to achieve and how?
• What is your message and how do you communicate that?
• And how do you show yourself and make yourself heard?

The triptych will take place on 19 February, 12 March and 7 April 2015 from 19.00-22.00 hrs at Bistro Café ZiZi Breukelen. Costs: 85 euro excl. VAT per session en 225 euro excl. VAT for whole triptych.

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