Entrepreneurship in the Year of the Goat

According to Chinese astrology, 2015 is the Year of the Goat, starting 19 February. In this year it's all about 'compassion', 'creativity' and 'responsibility'.

year_of_the_goat_260x300Opportunities and threats

The views of Dutch banks Rabobank, ABN AMRO and ING on legal services are clear I think. The sector views show mostly the same results and expectations. The legal industry is ever changing and renewing. For me it is clear that lawyers should act accordingly. Preferably now. The opportunities and threats, as they say in business language, demand this. Or not? According to the sector views the legal market is going up. That is encouraging. Perspective for 2015 shows a (slight) upward movement and long-term expectations are also positive. This gives opportunities to distinguish yourself as a lawyer. If you take on now, you will soon make the difference.

From cruisecontrol to switch

So no time to sit back and whine, but to take action, to connect and collaborate. It is time to get going. Would the banks in their sector visions also mean that? Probably. Move along to the rhythm of the legal market in today's information society is necessary. This asks some degree of resilience, agility and creativity from every lawyer. Take steps in the legal services of today requires awareness and an own work attitude. Maybe sometimes you ask yourself whether you should have a different approach? Very secretly anyway? But how would you do that? And can you also learn that a bit?

An entrepreneurial attitude opens doors

In my view it is important to develop skills that will help you to show personal entrepreneurship. Such as dare to be the director and determine the direction. And not to linger in the ivory tower, but to know your customer and give him confidence. In essence, it is all about a different mentality. An entrepreneurial approach offers numerous advantages for your legal services. But only in a way that fits you. Isn't that nice? Read further on our concept in the article on Mr.-online. Read here the English excerpt.

What are your thoughts on modern legal services and necessary skills for lawyers? I would love to hear your ideas and opinion.


from: Business sense and sensibility, label for legal entrepreneurship
posted by: Cheryl
date: 31 January, 2015

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